Blocktronics is not the only active group that still produces textmode based artwork nowadays.

Check out these other amazing initiatives:

> DeZign – The way we walk
Leaded by amiga ASCii award winning artist, “sk!n”, “deZign” is one of the first popular digital ascii / ansi art groups with roots from the Commodore Amiga Underground Scene [1992-1996]. You can also find DeZign on facebook .

> Galza ASCii
An unique ASCii art group leaded by belgian daredevil “otium” with the prevalence of “block” ascii style.

> impure!ASCii 1940
A tight group leaded by hellbeard that has brought a refreshing new perspective to ASCii art. You can find all their releases here.

> Break!ASCii
Originally composed by many Blocktronics members, Break! focuses on high quality ASCii art and has been one of the most productive groups of this art form.

> Mistigris
An oldschool scene group that features all kinds of art forms and now is back releasing artpacks. You can also join Mistigris’ group on Facebook.

> Titan Art / Demogroup
Titan mixes digital artists and coders to produce amazing demos featured in demoparties all over Europe.

> PEN15 ASCii
ASCii art group from Finland.

Do you know any more active textmode art groups that should be listed here? Please get in touch with us!