Creative Design Consulting

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We can help your team to develop creativity skills.

Our team can help your company through immersive training and workshops to help your team develop new and result driven creativity skills.

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Improve your creative proccess, boost your team collaborative work productivity and learn how to establish a solid open innovation culture.

Comissioned Artwork & Licensing

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Get text mode artwork from the best.

Request or license artwork for commercial usage from the best text mode artists in the world.

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Large artwork portfolio and a team of highly skilled artists prepared to deliver the art you need.

Text Mode Art Workshops

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Training upcoming and future artists in text mode art.

Basic and advanced text mode drawing workshops to teach and evolve digital art skills.

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A team of experienced award winning artists with a large variety of drawing techniques and styles.

Product Branding & Digital Design

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Custom artwork for online and offline products & projects.

On demand text mode themed artwork for digital and offline projects to provide positive experiences and unique products to consumers.

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A team of highly skilled artists with large experience with digital, multimedia and print projects.

Online Merchandise Sale

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Buy Blocktronics merchandise online

Specially created text mode themed merchandise created by Blocktronics artists.

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Gift someone or youself with an unique and original product full of digital text mode nostalgia.